About me



I am a reader and a writer and have now written two books. The first is The Last Act of Love about the life and death of my brother, and the second is called A Manual for Heartache and is a broader look at sorrow, anguish, despair, loss and how to try to live with the knowledge that the world can be a cruel place.

I speak and write regularly on life, death, love and literature on TV, radio and in print. I review books and and often to be found interviewing authors at festivals and in bookshops, which I love. There’s a special thing that can happen in a live event…

I am currently off social media at least until I finish my next book. I do very much enjoy hearing from readers so do get in touch via the contact button if you wish.

What I did before

I used to work for The Bookseller writing about books. Until March 2016 I was the Project Director of book industry charity Quick Reads.  I was particularly pleased to do it because my Dad used to struggle with reading and it was good to use my first hand experience of both the causes and effects of low literacy and also the huge pleasure that becoming a reader can bring. This is the speech I made at our launch event in February 2014, and this is a clip of me and my Dad on BBC Breakfast News.

Before that I worked for Waterstones for 1o years. I started as a Christmas temp at Harrods, then worked in six other shops including Hatchards before moving to head office.