About me


the-last-act-of-love-978144728637001My book…

I have written a memoir called The Last Act of Love about the life and death of my brother, which is out now. I will also be doing events throughout the year.

My next books…

I’m currently writing A Manual for Heartache which will be published in January 2017 and a novel which will be published in Spring 2018.

Working in books…

Quick Reads

I am the Project Director of book industry charity Quick Reads.  I am particularly pleased to be doing this because my Dad used to struggle with reading and is now a massive reader so I have first hand experience of both the causes and effects of low literacy and also the huge pleasure that becoming a reader can bring. This is the speech I made at our launch event in February 2014, and this is a clip of me and my Dad on BBC Breakfast News.

The Bookseller and other journalism

I am Contributing Editor at The Bookseller and speak and write regularly on literacy, literature and everything in between on TV, radio and in print.

What I did before

Before this I worked for Waterstones for 1o years. I started as a Christmas temp at Harrods, then worked in six other shops including Hatchards before moving to a head office role as Publisher Relationship Manager.

When I’m not reading….

I have a very lovely and boisterous six-year-old boy but the honest answer to how I read so much – a question I am often asked – is that I don’t have any other hobbies. I like books and talking to people about books and that’s about it.